Keeping Your Building Clean Couldn't Be Easier

We offer hassle-free janitorial services to businesses in Largo & Clearwater, FL

If people are coming in and out of your commercial building on a regular basis, it will get dirty quickly. One of the best solutions is to hire Elite Exterior Restoration for daily janitorial services in Largo or Clearwater, FL. We can visit your property outside of normal business hours so as not to get in your way, and we'll take our time to clean every part of the building.

Call today to discuss your options for contract janitorial services.

Doing what it takes to keep your space clean

Finding a great janitorial service isn't always easy, but business owners and building managers in Largo and Clearwater, FL don't have to look any further than Elite Exterior Restoration.

When you hire us, we will:

  • Clean your building every night after closing or every morning before opening
  • Take our time to make sure you have the best quality and detailed janitorial services. Including wiping down walls, taking out the trash, cleaning floors, etc.
  • Write up a custom contract for you so you'll only pay for what you need
Feel free to contact us at your convenience to learn more about our contract janitorial services.